Displaying Data in a Calendar

One of our business users wanted to be able to display some data in a calendar format in a dashboard report, but noted that there wasn’t a canned view for calendars.  I was able to find a solution using a pivot table and a set of columns from our dates dimension, by pivoting the day of the week across the columns, and week ending day on the rows.

We needed four dates columns: month, week ending date, day of week number and day name.


I created a pivot table view, with day of the week number and day short name on the columns.  Day of week number needs to be above day short name for proper Sunday to Saturday sorting, and can be hidden.  Week ending date needs to be in the rows – it can be hidden or exposed based on user preferences.  We put month into sections, allowing for each month to be visible distinct from each other.


I also needed to do some tweaking on the column properties for the measure count to set with width to 30, otherwise the column width is set to fit for each section.


Conditional formatting could be applied to the measure column to color code based on specific conditions if need.